Why do People have Hypnotherapy?

Are you lacking the motivation to perform at your best?  Is the stress in your life becoming overwhelming? Are you having trouble sleeping lately?  Do you have unhealthy habits that you’d like to eliminate?   Do you find it hard to relax and feel calm in certain situations or lack confidence to do something?  Do you suffer with IBS and stress makes it worse?

These are just some of the common reasons why people seek the help of hypnotists or hypnotherapists. Quite often, people with these problems have tried to self-medicate or to self-help only to realise that what they actually need is professional intervention.  So they turn to hypnosis.

With hypnosis, whether you do it on yourself or have a professional who is skilled in this area do it on you, it can help you “reset” your subconscious mind so that you change your usual way of thinking to bring about positive and lasting change.

If you find yourself often feeling stressed, anxious or even distraught about how things are going in your life, hypnosis can redirect your thinking patterns so that you are able to look positively at life and have hope for the future.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a bright future ahead of you?  Well you can.

Hypnosis has also been proven to cause a smoker to begin to detest the smell and taste of cigarettes. The same method applies to people addicted to sweets or chocolates, and even those who bite their nails.

Another use for hypnosis is to relieve people suffering from Fears & Phobias.  There are times fear grips a person tightly, so much so that they are prevented from living their lives to the fullest.  Just thinking about their fear may make them feel anxious.   A few examples are: Fear of flying, fear of heights, a fear of dogs or birds and even fear of going out in public.  All these fears may dramatically affect the people who have them.

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy can alleviate or remove those irrational fears outright by replacing them with feelings that make more sense, enabling them to carry on their lives as normal.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could go abroad on holiday rather than settle for a holiday closer to home?  Anxiety, depression and panic attacks will no longer be a concern because your mind will be reset to react about those fears you had before.

Seeking hypnosis enables people to completely rid themselves of unwanted behaviours and self-defeating thoughts and negative self-talk.  It may help them manage these behaviours and thoughts so that they don’t interfere with daily activities.  Just imagine being able to go about your daily life without that debilitating fear and anxiety.  Well you can!

Once someone has made a decision to change, they do so and very quickly with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  The key to hypnotherapy is not only in the skill of the hypnotist but also the desire for someone to want to make a change in their life.  The hypnotherapist works with you to help you to make the desired changes.


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